Please close (sold)

Prices are shipped CONUS. fees applied. Yea if u want multiple or all of them I’ll GLADLY give you a great discount. I’m only selling these because I need to recoup funds for some titaniums I recently bought

First Run 07 888- one pin prick shown in picture. Also one half of the yoyo could probably use blue loctite. It’s somewhat loose on the axle while screwing it together, but it is very tight and snug when fully put together. And it is the smoothest 888 I have thrown. 175$ SOLD

08 888 Christmas edition- NMTBS solely due to being used very lightly. But I see no damage on it whatsoever I paid 300 for this. I would gladly take 250$.SOLD

09 888- damage shown. May have a couple other marks not in the picture but they are all smoothed down. It has some nail vibe. I personally dont notice the vibe during play and it’s not visible. ( 90$)

888x Near mint. I just dont have the half spec bearing it came with. Has box and everything else. 70$

Pyro 66%- NMTBS with box. I got some extra 84 strings I can toss in to so you have thin string to play with. 80$


07 888 sold.
If you want the 09 and pyro 66 I’ll bundle them for 100.


Or 325 for the 08, 09, 888x and pyro


Christmas 08 gone.

Bundle the 09, 888x, and pyro all for just 100$!


Everything is sold. Please close