Mods Lock Delete Please FT/FS: YYF 888s,

For sale or trade, or both! All prices include G&S, Shipping and Insurance in CONUS… Deals on combos, make an offer… ask for more pics!

Adding 888s to make room for the ti888s

YYF 888x Premium - NMTBS in box - Plays smooth, no damage - $60 OBO
YYF 888.11 - B Grade pre-release - NM - no significant damage, what I played with regularly - $50 OBO
YYF 888x Premium - Excellent - Plays OK, little vibey and needs bearing love, no significant damage. $50 OBO
SF Cadence ES - NMTBS, plays like new. $40

These are all new pieces…
CLYW Gnarwhal 2 - TRADED
OD Cascade Saturday Market - Mint in Box - $75
OD 2014 Benchmark O - Mint in Box - $50
String Theory Remnant - Mint in Box w/bag and extra sticker - $60 OBO
X3 Teh - Mint w/bag - $80 OBO

Looking for:

A-rt Sparrow
G2 Hawk w/patterns, swirls
Anti-yo The Business, Ywet
Unique responsive

Ask questions for answers…
thanks peeps!


hows about a bump?

i put some prices on some, if you don’t like’m… come at me bro…

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Santa baby,


on down my chimney tonight…

It’s Mauve Tuesday, get your shopping started early!

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…to bumper the avenue’s packed. Police are on the scene 'cuz prices got slashed…

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there would be no better place to insert the opening lyrics to ‘they want efx’, by the legendary hip-hop crew, das efx, than here…

added some 888s

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