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None of the yoyos are damaged at all, but they’ve been played

The Good Life Gully 7068 - NMTBS, barely played $100 SOLD

TMBR Turner and Gully


How does the Gully 7068 play?

It’s light and crazy powerful. I really like the wide gap too. It helps with accuracy. I’d refer to the design as competition casual. It’s not an all out competitive beast, but it’s still lots of fun to throw around. I’m moving it because my yoyo time has diminished by a lot, so having a large collection without much time to throw calls for some culling. While this is a super fun Bimetal, v shapes just aren’t really my thing.

@Sebtendo snag that Turner or Azalea.

@Sebtendo Heck, buy them both!

Which would be the better one?

Turner requires some finessing to tune to your preference. Azalea would (haha wood) take the guesswork out, and if you needed to adjust your play, you’d be looking at double wrapping the axle, using different width string, or lip balming the string. Both are great throws, and if you have the capital to get both, you’ll have a pretty easy time offloading the other for just as much as David is asking for here.

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The TMBR Turner is an excellent fixie going for a reasonable price. If you buy it today, you just might get it by fixed axle Friday.

The Gully is a fun, whimsical throw with some serious punch. I like to think of it as an organic lovers v shaped bimetal.