All lighter (65 gram) chief colors?

I like the light chief… What are all the different colors that the lighter one is available in?

Tbh, all I know for sure is the Jack Rabbit edition. And I’m almost positive most of the early runs and first Cheifs are lighter as well. Just check with whoever you’re trading/dealing with. I’m sure they know.

Minty Mint, Zach Gormely, a few Kavkas, a few Lat53s, Copper…im sure CLYW can tell you better

This is a very good point. A full, no doubts, list is just a quick email away. Shoot Chris a message on Facebook or send him and Email and I’m sure he’d be glad to help you.

There’s a ton of colorways for that weight… The solid colors, then the two color splashes and speckles. Dandelion, Gold nugget, brown/green speckle. It’s hard to keep track of them all. The lighter chiefs are definetely my favorites though. I would like to try a 66 gram one though.