All Editions of the infamous "highwall" 07 888s

I’m not sure how many were made also. The 07 888s were light and I guess with age packed on the lbs over the years. The regular aqua 07888 was 60-61? grams but people played with stacks on making them closer to 66grams.

I remember the HW broke the 60 gram barrier. It could have been 59.9grams but it excited me, I think 59.0-59.5 was their weight.

Original Aqua YYN Release: 100 or so?

Silver Small Bearing HW: I think 50 were made

Aussie HWs: I remember a gold one but there were 3 colors possibly all were HW?

Pink All Yo HW 07 888: I had one 1/50 but idk if that’s all HW or what. I swear I had a non HW All Yo as well so 50 non HW. ??? How many HW.

Jason Lee Black 07 888s. : I heard they were all or some were HW, correct me if you know for sure. Btw the black ones were Small Bearing right? Saw a bgrade half that wasnt a HW bc the other half wasn’t however I have heard of Black 07 JL HW 888s I could be wrong.

That’s all I got please add to the list and tell me if you had one. Being large bearing they rocked and werent flimsy at all and spun a long time. It was crazy a yoyo under 60 grams played so well.

Only 07 OGs but idk maybe theres an 08 HW but only heard of 2007s.

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This is worth a look. Especially if you haven’t been there yet>

Some excellent info there on 888’s

PS… to the answer to your question. But just a better view of 888 yoyos for those that knew even less before they visit that link.


Highwall Eight8eight
20 pieces silver small bearing released through
*** 50 pieces aqua large bearing released through

***Had one of these at one time. Sold it :cry:


Sold my highwall Aussie a couple years ago, kicked myself once I left the post office :man_facepalming:

Steve Brown version! SBSB lol


I swear that I had a Pink All Yo 888 that was a highwall. I’m like 95% sure…

There was a couple higbys as well along with a bunch of B grades

I had many of these, the Ocho 888, the Aussie Highwall, red, aqua.
Kind of wish I had kept at least one…

High wall? This was my main player back when I got started. Took off the stacks pretty early on as the sound was annoying to me. Used RTV for response.

image image

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I remember the B Grades! Sucks Ben wouldn’t let us pick a half from two diff throws. There sure would have been 10-20 B Grade Black Jason Lee 888s just at PNWR alone.