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Howdy folks!

Yes, that’s right! For a limited time only you will be able to trade with the dark continent (ie. Africa) and only pay for local (USA) shipping! The items listed below will be shipped from the USA - no waiting!

I’m open to any reasonable trade offers, accessories, string, etc.

First up: Stacked L3 ($50-ish?)TRADED
]Next: mint SPYY Flying V - TRADED

Red Devil loopers ($7)TRADED
Red Devil loopers, made in South Africa. Fixed steel axle. Very well balanced, very smooth, fantastic loopers! Last one left.

Quote for the day:
“People here still maintain the traditional image that yoyos are for children. These people are ill-informed and completely unaware of the modern yo-yo world that is out there.”

[i]"A spinning yo-yo has what is called a plane. The plane is the angle that a yo-yo holds while it is spinning. The plane comes from what is called gyroscopic stability, and gyroscopic stability comes from rotational inertia.

When you throw a hard Sleeper and the yo-yo is rotating, every single molecule of your yo-yo is wanting fly outward, but it can’t, because all the molecules are attached to each other and to the axle."[/i]

Yo-yo players tend to play rooted to the spot, we only really use our hands when we play, so why move about? Standing in one spot and throwing yo-yo for hours does have its drawbacks though. Sore, aching legs, creaky knees, stiff back… Sound familiar?? Try moving around as you play.

Imagine playing fingerboard. The yo-yo is one of the pieces that slides across the board. Now take the fingerboard table and prop it up vertically. Now the yo-yo can now slide up, down, forward and backward, but not side-to-side. The fingerboard table illustrates the plane. Remember to keep things in a straight line.

Sometimes you may need to break plane. When doing a Split Bottom Mount you have three string segments, and it is necessary to keep the first string segment off the plane as you don’t want to land the yo-yo on that string segment. Similarly, when doing Double or Nothing, you want to land the yo-yo only on the string furthest from your body, and that segment needs to be on-plane, all the other string segments must be off-plane, otherwise you’ll land the yo-yo on all the strings.

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Home made, vegetarian enchiladas are beastly!


Bowled him, an outswinging yorker around the stumps. No footwork. A fantastic piece of bowling.