Alexis JV: SPYY - Solaris

New video featuring the Solaris by SPYY! Enjoy :slight_smile:

Thanks for watching!

its about time you posted :slight_smile: i’ve missed your tuts so much. but glad to see your still around

That was really fun to watch! Keep rocking bro!

Thanks guys! I really appreciate your supports. I’m probably going to restart doing yoyo trick tutorials, I don’t know yet if they are going to be weekly like before, I will juge that with the amount of time that is takes me to do 1. The tutorials will be on another youtube channel. I’m focusing on doing short-simple tutorials of Intermediate to Advanced yoyo tricks. Oh and I will post them on the yoyoexpert and yoyonation forums.

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awesome man I’m so excited!! are you going to repost your old tutorials too? they were honestly the best tutorials on youtube…

Thank you very much for your kind words :slight_smile:
Glad you’re excited, but I’m not going to upload my old tutorials and videos because for reasons I would like to keep to myself. I’m probably going to do a few ‘‘remake’’ of some of the yoyo trick tutorials. But don’t worry, I got some pretty chill tricks to teach

Nice vid.

I loved your tutorials.

Well thanks man! :slight_smile:
I hope you will love the new tutorials as much as the old ones

Awesome man, sounds good to me. ya know someone made an appreciation thread with some of your old videos that he had on an external hardrive, but i think it got deleted. anyways i cant wait to see more of your vids. Keep it up brotha!

dood ur like worshiped around here by me aswell in like no time. great marketing. so u gota grab that and do some more stuff!! glad to see your back!

i know you’ll back man, i know

glad to see you back and how does the solaris play

Thanks guys! I got more projects in my head for the year, you won’t be dissapointed :slight_smile:
The Solaris play extremely smooth and the finish is perfect for grinding. The weight is very well distribued and the Solaris have a pretty unique shape also.

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