Alexis JV: Her

Hey what’s up everybody
Here is my newest video :slight_smile:
I hope you will enjoy watching it!

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Ohhhhhh wow that first combo slack trick, that was so awesome.

Very pleasant style to watch, love all of your stuff.
Also seem you are always happy when you YoYo, which translates much into your style.

Thank you for sharing!

Very good tricks Alexis!

I always love your videos!


That was amazing!! This is why you’re one of my favorite players. Your tricks are insane!!

You are my new favorite player, even out of any sponsored pros.

Just wow. I want to be you.

It’s awesome to watch you throw, your style is so smooth and clean, and the slacks are just spectacular!

You really look like you’re having a lot of fun, which makes it fun to watch :slight_smile: Love your style too.

Great video Alexis… You are probably the most skilled slack player I have seen.

I have been watching your tutorials for a while now. You have taught me so much. Thanks for that.

Always so inspirational and great. Well done!

Mother of all… that was some incredible surgeon-like precision. Wow…

Wow so cool I appreciate all of your comments guys! :slight_smile:
Also I will be at Worlds this summer
Feel free to talk to me so we can learn some new tricks!

How long have you been throwing for?

I have been yoyoing for almost 7 years and I started when I was 11 years old


Amazing as always, Alexis! I’m another who has learned a lot from your tutorial videos; thank you very much for making those. It’s the videos like this one that let us have a look at your style as it progresses; you’ve always been amazing but it’s crazy to see how much you still continue to add new tricks and elements to your vocabulary… I think this is the first time I’ve seen you make extensive use of those “single string bounce” type tricks.

Slacks as always are just on another level.

Thanks again, and good luck at World’s!

I’m planning on going this yeah and I’m super excited to have a chance to meet you!!

So sick man! You’re one of my favorite players.

Can’t wait to see you at worlds. ;D

I wish I could say I watched and enjoyed the whole thing, but my brain spontaneously combusted after that hipster whips combo.