Albatross vs Royale

Both look awesome and are the same price, $110. What do you think of them and which do you prefer?

I have both. Sell a kidney, buy both!

I mean, the Royale is H-shaped. It’s strange, from the standpoint is it will hold it’s orientation and keep spinning, which lets inexperienced players get the advantage of long spins, but of course you do get side rubs. When thrown properly, it rewards highly. A great grinder, smooth in the hand and pretty as can get(at least mine is). Very balanced, the weight exactly where it needs to be, and even can do IRGs and matador play if you want. It will play fast if you push it. What’s neat is that it will gladly play at any speed you want.

The Albatross is a serious sleeper of a product. By that, I mean, it’s not moving the way it should, but the more people discover this, they’ll find it’s up there in the CLYW/One Drop category. It could use a tad more weight at the rims, but regardless, it’s still solid and stable, grinds, floats, whatever. Good, balanced. It can play fast, but it’s a flow-moving and grooving throw. Pick a speed, it goes with it.

Both are their own brand of awesome. I’m serious. Get a second job, save up and get both! If you’re ever in my area, swing by my place(appointment only) and try them both and anything else I have.

Thanks, and yeah both look really good, I think I may get a second job to grab both haha.