AirGlow String Updates and News

Hey guys,

I wanted to update you on stuff going behind the scenes of AirGlow. (Not that you care or anything :P)

-As many of you remember there was a collaboration between AirGlow and SnakeSkin, well that has been canceled. I know, I know, we got you all excited. But what turns out is Born2yoyo has stopped making string, if you recall. BUT he is now on our team, so I will be talking with him or new ideas. :smiley:

-I have not been bumping my thread as you notice, but there are new formats being made right now. One will be a really thick, made for suicide and really soft break in. I have also ben requested a slower string. So look out for those. Also look forward to a secret thread flea string, for extra slacks, thension and durability; a really thin format; and an updated PC-Looper.

-I have also been asked by several about a team. The team is availible for try outs people you are welcome, don’t be shy ;). Though if you are far away from the northern east coast it may be hard to communicate for testing and such. So I’d like to keep it local as possible. Please remember there needs to be a video to tryout.

-I’d also like to give Thank Yous to: YYE community, My team, John Higby, and many others.

Well thats whats been happening with AirGlow. PM for orders & questions.

Have a good one guys,


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Yeah being local is a REALLY good thing, it makes everything so much easier. Looking foward to new formats!

I was thinking about trying out. I live in NY, but I have family in MA that I stay with quite a bit. I think around where Pat lives. If you could get back to me with some more info about the team, that’d be great.

                           Thanks, J

I almost forgot. Maxd11yoyo-e generously made us a website. Go check it out, :wink:

When I click the link I get the Webs website.

And most of the Team page was me ;D

Take the period out of the link.

Ok, I fixed it, also I will get back to you on the team jtman :wink:

lol, still not fixed.

It is fixed, I will also be providing string when Jump comes out with his “Sexy Beast” ;D

Ok sounds good. I’ll try to get a video up.

Since your coming to the BBQ we’ll talk then :wink:

Bump, the thick string, called Anchor Line might be finished next week.

Ha! you used my name for it!

Yeah, I liked the name.

If you’re not too sure about this string, here’s a review I made that might persuade you.

And that’s only one type of string!

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The entire Airglow crew will be attending the NH yoyo BBQ on the 31st. Check out that thread in the contest/clubs/events sub-forum for details!

Hope everyone one had a good july 4!

Anchor line is now ready to sell.

It’s more of a novelty string, great for suicides, slacks and tension. Has a fast break. Should be some fun stuff!

As of now, orders are closed but I will be working on the new format “Snowbound”


Soft, and slow.

Gizzyo O0