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20 strings maxium, cannot stress this enough.

Now-a-days, yoyos are high performance. But the material attached to your hand that connects the yoyo is not. I mean what’s the point of spending good money on a yoyo but not on string that is crucial for the yoyos play?

This is AirGlow mission. It’s to provide an player from beginner to expert string that is high-performance. Not only made with Tender, Love and Care. AirGlow makes sure you find the format that is right for you.

AGS will work on one order at a time and will have two openings on the waiting list, so things don’t get hectic. First come, first serve.

Current openings: 3
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Available Spot


$2.5 Aurora

These are tight strings providing excellent whips and slacks. These are very fast making whips very easy and effortless; great for learning lacerations or follow combos. It has a very slick feel and is not very thick. They tend too last long and doesn’t fray too much.

80% Polyester, 20% Nylon; 5 Pack.

$2 Alchemist

These strings play and feel a lot like alchemy; meaning amazing whips and lacerations. These are very slick across the hand, but are very stiff. So if anyone enjoys bouncy strings, these aren’t your type. But if you LOVE alchemy, buy them now.

Thought these are 100% polyester and come in packs of 5.

$2 AG Polyester

One of my favorite formats. AG Poly is soft, controble, and bouncy. This stuff plays like a dream. Though its basic it is a delight to play.

100% Polyester

$2.5 SnowBound

After sponsoring PatCon, he didn’t like the fast play of Aurora and requested a slower, softer string. So I made one. Snowbound is a soft break-in string that has easy controllable whips. This was specifically designed for a player who is slower and needs slower string. Buy it or PatCon will Smash you.


P.A.C Series




The PAC series was designed as a polyester/cotton project requested by Josh Parker. These can be slick or soft due to having two different types of polyester. Each has a different feel but are yet very similar. All whip very controllably and play slack like no-ones business.

Each are all $2.5 for a pack or 5.

$3 Tester

This comes with one of every type of string (except 3A-in-mind and PC-Looper) a special sneek peek of an upcoming string OR a string with an add-on. 5 pack.

When Ordering

  1. Paying/Ordering

-I use paypal for orders, no feedback needed. But if you don’t have paypal, and have positive feedback we can work something out.

  1. Shipping

-Shipping is $1.75 per 5 pack. Though if you want priority mail it will be $5.

Requirements for Ordering-

Please PM me your order with this information below!

  1. How long you like your strings.
  2. Colors
  3. What format
  4. Righty or a lefty
  5. Type of Postage
  6. How you will pay me

I only ship to USA, sorry for this inconvenience.

NO TESTER OFFERS, I have already have had people test it.

To buy string YOU MUST PM ME.

Thanks for looking,

In the works: The Swagga Format.


(DOGS) #7

Anyone who doesn’t get SnowBound is a total fool :wink:


I like the polys




too bad you don’t ship to europe :’(


Orders Pl0x.


These look interesting, although you give too many options. People might hesitate to order due to too much customization, it’s overwhelming.

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To me it looks like he is trying to customize a string to what people like. He is at the will of the commune, which is a solid business strategy.



Orders Pl0x.

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