Airglow Aurora String Review

A lot of times, transitioning from one thing to another can be quite difficult. In this case, playing with YYE 100% polyester string and then moving to play with Airglow 80% polyester and 20% nylon string. I can proudly say that this string is worth every penny I’ve payed for. The feeling of the string is like no other I’ve tried before. It doesn’t burn your finger, you get really fast whips and slacks (you hear the string whizzing through the air) and it can be customizable to be quite colorful.

Whips 9/10 - This string is exceptionally excellent with string tricks. It moves so fast through the air that it takes less effort to do whips. I did a triple wrist whip my first try with a lot less effort than I used to with 100% polyester string.

Slacks 9.5/10 - Hmmm, slacks. The type of tricks that I’m noob at. At first, slacks with this string was a little bit weird since it was fast and sharp. After an hour or so of practice, my slacks look way cleaner and faster. Also, the slacks are easier to do in my opinion.

Lacerations 9/10 - My favorite part, lacerations. This type of Airglow string is really good for lacerations and it wasn’t even made for lacerations (in the description anyway) I was able to do triple and even quadruple lacerations with this string. I didn’t even know I was capable of doing anything like that. It also looks so sharp. My triangle slack, bro slack, trapeze slack, anything slack are even more fun to do now.

Suicides 8.5 - It stays stiff when suicides are done and doesn’t bunch up when it’s in the air. I don’t perform too well with suicides so I haven’t utilized the string for suicides as much as I have with other tricks.

Binds 9/10 - Not really much to say about binds. All I can say that it stays tight. Even though this string looks a little thin, it’s ability to bind is extremely good.

Tension 10/10 - I know right 10/10? I’ve never experienced tension anything like this before. With regular string, I had to make sure that the tension was just right after five throws or so; but with this type of Airglow string, it took me about 20 throws to notice a slight difference in the string tension. So all in all, this string holds really good tension.

Length 10/10 - The string length is perfect for me. I’m 5’7 and I didn’t have to cut the string or modify it in any way. Just had to tie a knot, hook it up to the bearing and I was good to go. I think you can request to make the string longer/shorter.

Price 8/10 - $4 for 5 pieces of string. A pretty good deal seeing that they last more times than regular string. Really recommended even for its price.

Overall 9/10 - Mathematically, the score would have been much less than what I’m giving it; but morally, this is the score that this string deserves. It’s really good with all types if string tricks. If you’re a fan or if you’re trying to do fast and clean play, I would recommend this type of string for you. It’s flowy but a little bit stiff, which for me is perfection.

I’ve also ordered some Alchemist string which is way more stiffer than the Aurora string. So I’ll definitely post a review for that once I start messing with it.

We can all thank Gizzyo (user profile link);u=1019 for making such wonderful string and here’s the link to where and how you can purchase Airglow string,13410.0.html

That concludes my review and happy throwing!

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It really is the bees knees ;D . I’m just waiting on the slower format. Hurry up Jim ;D ;D

Nice Review :3

Very good review. You make me want to buy some!

Thanks, my first review. Came out pretty decent. :slight_smile:

I didn’t even ask for a review. I am thrilled you liked it lleraH!

Please, call me Harell ^^

I’ll post a review for the alchemist in a day or two. I just gave some to my friend. :slight_smile:

how’d he like the string?

It’s nothing like he’s ever played with also. He was amazed haha.

Cool, thanks for the unexpected review again.

No problemo haha. I’ll work on another one!

nice review man

A bit of a bump but haha thanks.

It’s been almost a month and the string has the same consistency as when I started playing with it. No fraying or anything.

Wow, how was Alchemist for you. I am suprised you are still holding on to Aurora.