AirGlow String and SnakeSkin String Collaboration Details are in!

Thats right. AirGlow and SnakeSkin will be collaborating. This means we will be selling packs featuring both of our string.


We will be selling packs of 6, consisting of 3 AirGlow and 3 SnakeSkin.

We will probably have only 10 packs of 6. And if there is High Demand we will make more.

Each pack will have different colors, so each is unique. Some packs may have brand new colors.

SnakeSkin will have a Polyester mix and AirGlow will have a new Poly/Nylon.

Price will be $4

Coming this summer, only on YoYoExpert!

I look forward to hearing more about this.


  • Paul

Thanks Gsimian, really means alot to hear that from a pro string maker.

I really like airglow so this should be interesting!

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And SnakeSkin is prett beastly

Yeah but Sick String is freankin sweet.

Thanks guys!

OH HAI. This will be interesting…


myessssss… Is it just a sales collab or are you making whole new strings?

Sales collab, but we might have some new formats here and there.

Definatly like to see some new strings from you guys, so far i haven’t tried your string but have heard good stuff and look forward to trying it in the future. I’m asuming you guys live near each other?

We live close.

Awesome! Two awesome string brands collaborating to make one ultimate string! That’s so sick!

They aren’t making one ultimate string. They are just selling them together, x52.

Oh, OK, whatever. LOL

Yeah, we are getting a lot more intrest then we though.

BTW the details are in for anyone who wants to know.

Awsome! I can’t wait to try both of your strings.

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Yeah I know Snake Skin is Ah-MAZE-Eeng, but I’ve never tried AirGlow, can’t wait

Well I hope you guys will enjoy these, and thanks for the support.