AGT 2014


Finally someone is doing yo yo on agt I cant believe the judges think it is too repetitive ::slight_smile:


Lol. Yoyo has been done on AGT a few times. I think Eric Koloski and Ian Johnson were on there. They made it a bit but the problem is, while we enjoy Yoyo because we have a passion for it, not a lot of people have a similar eye for it as we do, so it gets kind of boring to most onlookers. From an entertainers standpoint, It’s hard to make Yoyo a worthwhile act.

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The problem is that everyone who has been on the show just does a yoyo freestyle to music.
I think the judges would have a better reaction if the yoyoer had more audience interaction.

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Yoyoing is far too repetitive to make it in this type of contest. With magic, comedy, singing, etc. you can do far more tings than you can do with yoyoing. With yoyoing you are restricted to what different ways you can move a yoyo within the limits of the string length, which looks repetitive.


And yet somehow, Black has managed to turn it into a 10 minute routine for Cirque du Soleil. John and Rebecca Higby travel the world with a yo-yo routine that people of all ages love. To say yo-yoing can’t be entertaining to the masses because it’s “repetitive” is ludicrous.

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The way black and the higbys have been doing it is far different then people have been doing it on AGT. I think that to make it far on the show, yoyoers will have to put out even more than they do.


AGT has a sacrificial yo-yoer on every year.


I don’t disagree with that, I was just making the point that yo-yoing can be entertaining to a mainstream audience, it just needs to be done a certain way.


Was this actually on AGT last night? I fell asleep watching it last night…

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To say they would make it further in the competition than, say, Quintavious Johnson (if they were to compete in this show) is complete nonsense. Sure, they make yoyoing a great show but yoyoing is still just something only people involved in the hobby can fully appreciate. It just looks repetitive, even to me. Some dancers on the show have the same problem.

P.S I do like to watch yoyoers in yoyo contest settings but when other better talent is involved like on AGT I have to compare the yoyoing with the other talent, and generally yoyoing isnt better than the other talents that make it far in this show.


I know john Narum was on a few weeks ago. Was last night maybe a rerun?


There is a -huge- difference between being able to perform in a show, and competing on AGT.

With cirque, you can do the exact same routine 1,000 times and it works because your audience is different each night. With a reality show you need a new, unique and entertaining show every single week… and it has to be different enough to keep drawing votes.

The way these shows are set up, comedians, singers and dancers are about the only things that win because it’s very “easy” to do something totally different each week.

The YoYo players and other variety acts are mostly there so they have something to cut.



They have a new episode every Tuesday night, with results Wednesdays. I’m almost positive there wasn’t a rerun of John Narum’s performance last night, he got eliminated about a month ago in the 2nd round.


They don’t yoyo in front of the same crowd every night. The judges have to watch all of his performances making it to where he would have to make a new routine every week.


There’s a lot of people that follow the show, after round 2 the judges have little power, it’s all americas votes. And there will be a lot of people that follow the show and watch every episode, and these are the ones that do a lot of the voting, myself included :stuck_out_tongue:

So generally, they do yoyo for the same crowd


I was talking about John Higby and Black. Sorry for the confusion.