After you clicked on a topic once it should change color


I find myself clicking on the same links b.c i dont realize i had already been there. Also it would help with finding topics you have been to and might be trying to find again.



Just a tip on using the search bar (to help find posts/topics):

Make sure all spelling and wording is EXACTLY the same. It goes off of relevance, so whatever is closely related to the search will appear.


The small YYE symbol on the LHS changes from red to gray after you’ve visited a forum. If it’s gray when you log in it means there’s nothing new since you were last there.


I always wondered about that…


Also, you can visit this link (make sure to refresh it if you’re using the back button) and you’re guaranteed not to visit the same post twice.

(WildCat23) #6

What color would you suggest, a violent shade of blue?


I thought that’s what the “NEW” logos were for…


I guess he wanted fifty shades of gray instead of just one.