Replied threads

I think there needs to be a more noticible way to show the threads that you have posted in.

Umm at the top it says “YoYoExpert Forums” and then under that it has your name and under that it says “show new replies to your posts”. That shows all new replies to threads you’ve posted in.

I find that small face to be enough.

That’s not what he means though. For example, on YYN if you scroll down any board, threads you have posted in have a sign next to them. Just like those signs that tell if its a locked topic, hot topic, poll, etc. If I understand icthus’s concern, he wants something like that.

There is a sign…

Oh for that. Ok. Yeah I think that is enough, but if there is a change then you could just change colors of the page thing that the face sits on instead of having that face. Or both.

It doesn’t have to change that much. Just be a little bigger and Red or something more noticable. Us older folk need it more visible! lol