For the Site Managers out there, convenience issue here...

If you could integrate a quick reply into the bottom of each thread, it would be really convenient. The main issue here is:

1- that I can’t see what I’m replying to, in case i forget something someone said
2- nice to be able to post a reply without opening a new page.

I have seen this done on other forums and really like it. Found at the bottom of each page when viewing a thread, it’s mostly structured as following:

Topic/Subject: [ ]
Message: [ ]

With a post button underneath. Just a suggestion to whomever it concerns. :slight_smile:

That’s a really good idea! I would like it if there was a quick reply, but also a way to have the same reply that we have now if you want to make your response a little bit longer.

To help with #1 you just scroll down.

If you scroll down the most recent page of posts is displayed…

Oh yeah, forgot about that. I don’t really mind the new page. Good suggestion, though.

Under the post reply box, there’s the last reply right there. :slight_smile:

oh… HAHA! never noticed! thanks! ;D

Or go to your profile and click Look and Layout preferences.

Next to “Use quick reply on topic display” change it to “show, on by default”.

Just scroll down to the bottom to see the most recent posts.

Well, anyways, there already is a Quick Reply box feature.

oh okay, thanks for the info kim-lan.