For the Site Managers out there, convenience issue here...

(Infinite Chaos) #1

If you could integrate a quick reply into the bottom of each thread, it would be really convenient. The main issue here is:

1- that I can’t see what I’m replying to, in case i forget something someone said
2- nice to be able to post a reply without opening a new page.

I have seen this done on other forums and really like it. Found at the bottom of each page when viewing a thread, it’s mostly structured as following:

Topic/Subject: [ ]
Message: [ ]

With a post button underneath. Just a suggestion to whomever it concerns. :slight_smile:

(Jesse) #2

That’s a really good idea! I would like it if there was a quick reply, but also a way to have the same reply that we have now if you want to make your response a little bit longer.

(Shisaki) #3

To help with #1 you just scroll down.

(Mitch) #4

If you scroll down the most recent page of posts is displayed…

(Jesse) #5

Oh yeah, forgot about that. I don’t really mind the new page. Good suggestion, though.


Under the post reply box, there’s the last reply right there. :slight_smile:

(Infinite Chaos) #7

oh… HAHA! never noticed! thanks! ;D


Or go to your profile and click Look and Layout preferences.

Next to “Use quick reply on topic display” change it to “show, on by default”.

(SR) #9

Just scroll down to the bottom to see the most recent posts.


Well, anyways, there already is a Quick Reply box feature.

(Infinite Chaos) #11

oh okay, thanks for the info kim-lan.