Icon to see if I have already viewed a topic? SOLVED

Hey @codinghorror
I wanted to suggest adding an icon to see if you have viewed a forum topic or not. Something like and eyeball, maybe that is closed and becomes open or something like that, or maybe something that goes away or is added after you click the post. I find it hard to figure out which post I have already viewed in the bst. I don’t mean whether I have viewed the recent post, just the Topic. It would be nice to have something that doesn’t go away for a while. I like the last visit line and red new post dot but I feel like this would complete it. I know the text is greyed out as well but it seems that that goes away after a new post. It would make browsing the bst a lot easier. At least I think so. Thanks for checking out my recommendation. :grin:

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this already implemented? Doesn’t the topic title go from white to gray once you’ve viewed it?

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I think that goes away after a new post. Mine do not stay grey.
Edit: That would actually be perfect if it stayed grey

So my issue is, if a topic is just “clyw for sale” I click it. Days later, it is bumped and goes back to black and to the top. I click again and find out I already saw it and wasn’t interested. I can try to rely on who posted it but sometimes there is no photo so I can’t easily remember that I already saw them. Gets annoying sometimes. They could have added something new but most of the time it’s just a bump and if there is new stuff the should specify in the topic title.

Maybe I just have to have the new filter at the top selected :man_shrugging:

Though I don’t think that’s exactly what I had in mind

That is the way it already works… if the title is grey it means you have read the topic all the way to the end.

By default topics are only considered new for two days.

It sounds like you want to know if you have entered a topic, even if you haven’t read all of it.

One thing you could do is set your user prefs so that all topics are considered new forever, until you enter them. That way you could use the new indicator to tell you if you have visited a topic, even if you only read 1 or 2 of the 12 posts (for example) in the topic.

There is a lot more to this subject, I suggest checking out Discourse New User Tips and Tricks

The general idea is to encourage people to read all the way to the end, to find the gold at the end of the rainbow :rainbow::1st_place_medal:. Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) and all that. If you don’t want to read all the way to the end, you could jump to the end a variety of different ways:

From the topic list

  • click or tap the last post date
  • click or tap the post count, the date of first and last post will pop up, click or tap the date of the last post

Within the topic

  • press the end key on your keyboard, if you have a real keyboard
  • click or tap the date at the bottom of the vertical timeline to jump to that date (e.g. the end)
  • click or tap the “last reply” date in the info summary at the bottom of the first post

Yes, mainly because of bumped vague Topics. Thanks for the solution.

Did it ever occur to you that maybe there is something of interest in newly bumped topics, though you may have seen the original? Particularly in BST topics it’s not unusual for the offerings to be updated. Normally once you’ve been in a topic (to the end) you will be directed to the latest post. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to go to the last post in any case and be done with it if there’s nothing of interest there.

Frankly I don’t see your point.

If there’s a BST topic you don’t want to see after being bumped, you can switch it to “Muted”:

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 11.01.41 AM

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I did mention this in an earlier post. Changing my new settings was a perfect solution. I do realize this but I just wanted a way to easily tell if I had viewed a topic before or not. Not saying I would never look at something twice. It is now way easier for me to tell what is new vs bump.

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