Share your favorite forum protip

What’s your favorite forum protip? I know tons because I have :shushing_face: SECRET FORUM BACKGROUND.

Here’s a quick one. Did you know you can expand and collapse the editor preview (on desktop / laptop / tablet) like so:

This setting is remembered in your browser, too, so if you hide the preview it’ll stay hidden on that browser.

One more, real quick. Are you on a device with a real :keyboard: keyboard? Try pressing the ? key and see what happens :wink:

Share your forum pro tips!


For you mew folks checking feedback, you can search the Traders Feedback section. Also, click a User’s name, scroll down to Trade History as shown, and click on More… you can see some of the business they’ve done prior to the new tracking system.


Instead of having a text wall of"BUMP" on your b/s/t post, keep it tidy.

Create a new bump.

Discard your previous bump.

You will be freshly brought up and the unneeded text will discard in 24hrs. Look how shiny you are now.:+1:




Actually instead of adding a new “bump” you can edit your last post in any way (add a period) and that will bump the thread as well. This only works if you are the last poster in the thread though.


I feel like I may have done that and it didn’t affect it that way- but I could be wrong. You’ve definitely been hanging out here longer than me though @vegabomb :wink:

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bro this is going to help me so much scene im getting a job hopefully soon so I can start buying used throws with my own money

Yeah the bump thing is a weird one but @AndreBoulay definitely convinced me… it makes sense for people to have to come to the site and actively bump their topics to indicate they are still around, paying attention, and interested in selling their stuff… as @vegabomb noted you can edit the last post (assuming you posted the last post) to bump a topic as well. And I’ll admit I am kinda OCD like Vega, if I see a bunch of old "bump"s I will delete them to clean up the topic. :bath:

Heck in the initial migration we added a step to delete all old posts that consisted of nothing but “bump”. So I guess the only thing missing from that mechanic is some kind of auto-cleanup.

Here’s a fun search trick I use a lot: when searching, add the letter l, by itself, to indicate you want to see the most recent results first.

Compare searching for



dunk l

You can do the same thing via the “sort by” drop down on the search page (see below) but this makes it one step. I frequently want to see the most recent conversations about {x} so I reach for this shortcut almost every day!

p.s. It’s not a protip per se but definitely make sure you know all the stuff in the Tips and Tricks blog post! :nerd_face:

p.p.s. happy holidays ya filthy animals!


Nice! Love me some hotkeys


Just don’t forget that this method will allow your thread to auto-close after 30 days.





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I think I need to add this:

ctrl+w for speed.

No, but in all seriousness, I love that I can have all of my drafts saved. I sometimes write these long papers on here that I want to clean up later, so I store them in my drafts.

Also, Grammarly saves my behind on this site!

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Yes! A small caveat, you can only have one new topic draft at the moment, but an unlimited number of existing topic reply drafts. They can be accessed via User Preferences, Activity, Drafts:


You can also send PMs to yourself if you want to take private notes.

That is one of the few things that I do not like about this site because that is how my brain works: a million pieces at once. Now, I will never complain about it because I can use Microsoft Word.

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