New forum "features" - pinned topics

One of the “features” of the new forum concerns pinned topics. The current policy is set so that once you read a pinned topic, it is no longer pinned for you, so you will never see it again unless someone updates it (or you re-pin it for you). This is a forum setting and it can be changed so that it acts like on most forums where a pinned topic is always visible to all members.

I disagree with the current setting and think it should be set to the legacy mode. Pinned topics are generally made so for reference purposes, and people who have read them in many cases want to refer back to them.

Note that after you read a pinned topic, you can reset it so that it will be again pinned for you, but you must do this every time you revisit the topic.

What is your opinion on this?

  • I like the legacy pinned topic setup where it is always visible to all.
  • I don’t want to see a pinned topic again after I read it. OR I want a pinned topic to be no longer pinned after I read it

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The second choice should read “I want a pinned topic to be no longer pinned after I read it”.

I may not want it pinned but that doesn’t mean I won’t look for and refer to it at a later date.

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Legacy is my vote.

My main concern is that the number of pinned topics needs to be culled / merged to a manageable level (basically 2 max per category). I think that’s what matters the most. I don’t have any preference on the setting.