Advice Regarding Talent Show. Not asking for tricks this time

Hi guys,

Recently I got invited to participate in what could possibly be the biggest talent show in the valley (CA). The coordinator invited me but I asked her if I could perform with my skill toys friends. Now they don’t have as much experience as I do but if I want to take home the prize of $750 with a friend then I should only choose my friend Chris, a footbag player.

I’ve been asking my neighbor and my mom for advice and they say that I have a higher chance of winning if I go alone. That is strangely true.

The problem is, my brain says to go alone and take the 750 dollars if I win but my heart says to go with Chris up there and take a risk by having a hands and feet duo.

The advantages of a Duo is that:

  1. We can get more creative with the routine
  2. Since I did the same event last year, if I bring a buddy then it wouldn’t look like the same thing all over again.
  3. It would appeal to yuggles a lot more and make it seem more like entertainment than just me throwing tricks around.
  4. We created a number of team tricks.


  1. Chris doesn’t have experience performing in front of a crowd of 1200.
  2. It’s harder to make a routine with the two of us.
  3. We can’t practice our routine as often as we like.
  4. Possible transportation issues.

To help with this decision, here is a video of Chris:

I could really use some advice now.



well normally i would say go with your heart, but 750$ is a convincing prize.

so the question is. do you have a really good chance of winning? you said you were in the event last year, how close did you come to winning last year? cause if you got a 90% chance of winning, then go get dat cash and enter a different talent show with your friend.

if you dont have that great of a chance of winning then go for the fun with your friend. footbag and yoyoing can be a super impressive thing. and your friend chris is pretty good! he messed up a few times but most people at talent shows dont know anything about footbag and yoyoing since theyre completly different from your normal hobby. So they bound to be impressed. If you guys can make a routine but practice it enough so you dont mess up to much, that would be awesome

if would be cool if he juggles yoyos and then throws on over to you :slight_smile:

the point of a talent show is to win and have fun, but winning is the fun part. but it winning is out of the question go with the other gun part, performing. performing with your friend could be even more fun

Thanks for that piece of advice.

The division I am in is called the Specialty Talent division and there is only one other guy in that category. My mom thinks that the coordinator personally invited me this year is because she knows I have a really good chance at winning. The division’s prize is 750 dollars and the only other guy that is competing is a mentalist from last year. If i recall, I scored better than him last year alone. This year, I wonder if I can pull that off again. I did take 5th place last year out of 26 other performers.

I really want to be up stage with Chris but I don’t know if that will hinder my chance of winning.

I would honestly say go it alone. If there is too much happening on stage you run the risk of the audience or judges not seeing parts you want them to. If you scored better than your competition last year it should be no question.

If you have practiced a routine just make a video or something to have it and to have the experience of how fun that is. Or, just find other talent contests to enter with him.

As much as I hate to admit it I think you’d have a better shot of winning if you do what you are comfortable with and go on your own for the win, it’s a cool idea to try and team up but several of those issues make it hard for me to see that as a viable choice for you.

Honestly, if you can do things to entertain an audience alone, do it. If you don’t feel like you can do that, go up there with Chris, it’s that simple.