advantages to yoyoing (or skill toys in general)


I am starting a skill toy club and need to sway a few people to support me. what would you say the best advantages to playing with skill toys is?


It’s fun


It’s fun, it’s incredibly creative, it makes you think in a different way, you can impress people, and it’s a real skill that you can develop in your free time.

(Erik Kerber ) #4

it increases hand eye cordination


good for your brain, increases memory & creativity, physical release from tension and stress (from moving your arms/body), fun, cheap, awesome, classic, sexy


You keep your brain engaged. It can help foster creativity and imagination. It usually gets you up and out of your chair. It improves motor skills. If you like it, it’s fun. There’s lots of skill toys and skill-related activities, which I extend to magic/illusion/sleight of hand, juggling, kendama(and it’s variants), cubing, card flourishing and other card-type tricks, cup stacking, diabolo/chinese yoyo, spintops and more.


Creative outlet, hand-eye coordination, patience, imagination, improves motor skills, entertainment, and the best of all, it’s fun. :smiley:


It’s fun, doesn’t involve sitting on a couch and stimulates you mentally and physically


that and it builds insane hand-eye coordination and muscle memory

(kclejeune) #10

I have better hand eye coordination than anyone I know. My reflexes are super fast now… Reaction time also. And I don’t waste time with video games or most games in general.


Better dexterity, good hand eye coordination, and better patience. I am able to pick up other skill toys very fast now.

(Alex Fairhurst) #12

All the women


yea same i have better coordination than anyone i know , i can catch something without my glasses on and im almost blind


It is a great way to relax in addition to all of the wonderful benefits that have been listed here. And of course


The skills developed through yoyoing can be applied to a variety of other real-world pursuits, such as yoyoing with two yoyos.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #16

People get so serious in everyday life that they forget the value of play. It’s not just for kids. :wink:


Another advantage might be the sense of fulfillment you get, after having created a challenge for yourself, and succeeding. Whether you are practicing a trick until you finally land it, or solving a Rubik’s cube, it’s all the same great feeling when you succeed. Who wouldn’t want that in their life? :-\


Aside from the hand-eye coordination aspect I believe that the biggest advantages are practice, patience, and persistence. I take forever to learn a new trick, partly because I am learning off of the internet. I have told myself before “You have put so much time and effort in you can’t just give up!” Although I find taking breaks from yo-yoing fine, I have never given up.


This guy knows what he is talking about.