The dexterity of yoyoing

Is it just me or do most good yoyoers also olay an instrument, play sports, juggle, or do something else that involves skill? I have ben playing piano for 4 years and i put down my yoyo for a couple months, and when i came back, i was actually better. Ibthink its because of my hand eye coordination better and agility increase from other dexterity involving activities.

Well I’m on the varsity swim team but I don’t think swimming makes me a better yoyoer or vice versa.

I don’t think swimming requires all that much manual dexterity.


Are you sure? Yoyoing is all about lung capacity and stamina! :stuck_out_tongue:

I play basketball, and I’m the smartest kid in our grade (that requires skill ;))

No pain no gain!

Yup I definitely needed my massive lungs so I could gold my breath for my entire freestyle at the socal competition.

i found it funny that after one year of yoyoing my hand eye cordination and dextirity has greatly increased. i can catch thing faster for thse “THINK FAST” moments.

I think it’s just you. I have two left hands and ten thumbs, I’m very clumsy and I think yoyoing is more about muscle memory than actual dexterity.

what helps my yoyoing the most is my creativity, since I’m a long time musician, photographer, artist in general.

But dexterity, nah. I even have a friend of mine switch the wheels on my car for me.

I would definatley agree.

When you already have good hand eye coordination it doesn’t help much.

I got into unicycling, does that count?

I put just enough DEX as I need to equip my next level yoyo then put the rest into STR I want good spin time you know. xD

But yeah I don’t do much other then yoyoing but I want to get into Guitar and I’m starting to run. I’ll have to see if it helps. :slight_smile:

I totally agree with this from my own observations. I think theres just an attraction for some people to learning skilled activities, or learning new things and being able to do a variety of things in general.

I’m Bipolar1 I know that shi*t helps me stay focused on my yoyo game…can’t sleep yoyo can’t think yoyo stressed out yoyo it’s sweet!!! ;D