Weak throw, slow reactions and stiff fingered.

I suffer from all three things mentioned in the title, do you think yoyoing will help me get better with those things in general? I’m just starting to be able to do all of the beginner tricks and I’ve only been yoyoing for a week or two, I’m still stuck with my Yomega throws but I could do worse. I also just ordered a velocity.

This is an interesting question. IN MY OPINION, WITH NO EVIDENCE TO BACK THIS UP, I think only a little bit. But only to an extent to where its barely noticeable, or maybe a bit more than “barely noticable”. I think you will become less of what you said you are in the title for yoyoing purposes, but not for out of yoyoing purposes. Why I think this is because (not sure if this is a good example or not) well, I take video games for my best example. I’ve played video games for YEARS, hoping to get into the competitive scene within 2ish years, and I notice I’m usually much faster and my reactions are much more faster than somebody who only plays an hour or 2 every few days. But that doesn’t 100% mean that I’ll have faster reflexes in real life while doing something else, or at least in most things. If you put me and some random person I beat in video games against eachother in Jeporady, they I personally think would have just as much of a chance as I do as to who presses that button faster. Also, that doesn’t mean I’ll be better than them in other aspects of their life. I may have faster reflexes and better aiming, but I bet almost anybody in this whole world can beat my butt in basketball and baseball. So I think it’ll make you better for your particular skill of focus. You do one thing long enough, you’ll almost guaranteeingly get better at that particular thing, but that doesn’t mean you’ll 100% be better at everything. I think the reason for this is “muscle memorization”. So because you have a strong throw for yoyoing, will not exactly mean you have a strong baseball pitch, because your muscle memory plays a big part in how hard you throw a yoyo (I think). Because when you take when your first start off throwing a yoyo, its not nearly as strong as when you’ve been doing it for 5+(ish) months.

So all in all, bottom line, I think it will help, but only to an extent. It will for sure help you make you a better yoyoer, but only a little for “in general”. Sorry if this post was confusing or if this post was too long, I just thought this was interesting. Please keep in mind this is my opinion, not facts.

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Thanks for the answer. I really wanted to know if I’d just get better with these things for Yoyoing.

Yoyoing hasn’t really noticeably improved the strength of my throw or my reflexes but I’m sure yoyoing can loosen up your fingers once you get to a more advanced level

The short answer is, yes, but only for yoyoing purposes, and maybe a LITTLE for “general purposes”. Sorry for that long answer post earlier, lol.