Advanced Slack/Whip Tricks

1st. Hi, I really like slack/whip tricks and I know all the ones on youtube and crap but does anyone have a made up one?

2nd. How do you come up with your slack/whip trick or who or what do you watch for inpiration.

Any help appreciated


When I come up with any trick, I just goof around. One of my best tricks was made when I said “Lemme do a Jade Whip, but I’ll just swing the loop around in silly directions and see what happens!” There are points in a trick where you feel that its difficult to advance the trick, and that’s where slack really fits in well. Am I making sense?

Yea-- I get it I found this video sorta what you mean

I have Slack tricks I made up in both. If you want a tutorial for any, just ask.

Here’s some inspiration I hope  :slight_smile: :

for some inspiration from the pros watch freestyles from bandon baines and/or eric koloski, they both have good bits of slack in their routines

Samad, your videos in this thread amazed me. You are an epic yoyoer and I hope I can be that good someday. How on earth do you do those crazy complex three string type tricks throughout your “10 Reasons I Love Yoyoing” video? If you have tutorials, I would truly be honored to watch and learn from them.

Any tricks in particular you want tuts on?

Hey Samad. Right about when your video gets to #8 Skill I really want to know how to do. You make that awesome looking. And then in the next segment you go into some crazy wrist mount type stuff that is just perplexing. I am trying to learn the slacks from the Gerard Amento video and I can see that you are doing some really amazing stuff that I want to learn more of. I wish I knew the names of the stuff I see you doing but I am assuming you created a lot of those combos. Thanks for replying.

Okay, I’ll work on it this weekend  :wink:

I previously made a tutorial for the wrist mount trick, here:

Samad, I am trying to learn your Flightless Airplane. I got to the second part where you have to put the yoyo into that string that is in the shape of the triangle. Every time I try to place it there, it seems like I don’t have enough room, and the yoyo just sort of tilts over or binds up. I know the yoyo goes right where your throwhand thumb is but I can’t seem to place it in there without it messing up. Any suggestions? Thanks again dude.

I think I’m gonna make a tutorial video for it (slack tutorial)…

Happy Throwing! =]