Advance yoyo


Hi, I’m going to a yoyo store in Japan and I was wondering what yoyo buy there. I’m working on the advanced part 1 tricks.


Anything unresponsive. Also, depends on the store. If you’re going to the store many of us may have ordered from, they have a very sizable selection, but they may be closed due to Worlds right now.

Without preferences and budget, recommendations are difficult. Without knowing more of what you’re after, it also makes recommendations difficult.


PM me the name of the store and I’ll try to help me as much as I can.


I have a budget of 50$ and I would prefer a plastic metal rimed. I’m going there in February so the worlds will be finish.


Any shape preferences?

The DM2, SFX, SR-71 and Hitman Pro come to mind.

But, with the selection, the YoYOfficer Aura is an excellent one, as are the Brave and Crayon. Full metals.


Butterfly shaped


The store is called spin gear in Tokyo but the website is Japanese so…


Well, you need to be more specific. H-Shape? V-Shape? Organic? Undercut? Unless you mean you want a yoyo shaped like the Duncan Butterfly. In that case, the SPYY Flying V is perfect. We figured you were doing 1A.


Sorry I’m not experienced enough to know what “V”, “H” and others like that means. What does they mean?


The “new breed” looks cool


Those are just the shapes of the yoyo. Most shapes get their name from the profile of the yoyo. For example, if the profile of a throw looks like a V, then it is a V shape. An example of a V shape yoyo is the sOMEThING Firmy.


H-shape: WHiP and Trigger
V-shape: most offstring yoyos have this shape
Organic shape: cascade


I saw a dm2 for about $50.


Actually, most of this is incorrect. The Whip is an Organic shape with a step. The Cascade is a Bell shape. The Trigger is an odd shape, but I wouldn’t say it’s an H. It’s more of a Bell/V.


Look for a speeder 2.


Sorry but that’s just my opinion.


You really should give us your preferences (more specifically), so we can stop just throwing out random yoyos that you may or may not like. At this point, we’re just recommending yoyos the we like.

Oh, that’s totally fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but the name of the shape is more of a fact/something that is widely agreed upon by the community. It just makes it much more complicated to describe yoyos when you go on a totally different scale than everyone else. There’s a reason we have these descriptions set up.

Take the Imperial System of measurement that the US and 2 other countries use, and the Metric System, which the rest of the uses, as an example.


Since you’re not experienced enough, just get the names and locations of various stores. You have until your trip to figure out what you want to get.


Do you recommend “new breed”


I haven’t played the New Breed, so I won’t pass judgement on it. It is an item that doesn’t catch my eye though.

I’m planning to get an SFX and an SR-71 soon(say, within a week or two). I’m debating what else to cram into that order.

Of the metal rimmed yoyos I have by YYJ, I have many. The DM2 and Hitman Pro stand out immediately to me, mostly since I carry a DM2 darn near everywhere and I’ve been playing my Hitman Pro a lot the past week(which isn’t saying much. The SR-71 is like this as well, as far as the general concept is concerned.
The Speeder 2 has a very small rim. The Speeder does too but it’s discontinued.
The XCon Pro has a mid-body metal weight ring, as does the Phenomism, so I’m not sure how this counts for you. The Destiny also has large mid-body weight ring. I think the SFX is like this.
The Vexed has a weight ring near the edge of the rim.

Back to the New Breed: Different people like different things. They wouldn’t make it if people didn’t like it, or at least keep buying it.