Adegle PSG Dyed!!

Used Red … it looks awesome… I can’t locate my real camera so this picture does it no justice.


new better pictars i hope

Pretty, how do they play period? Might get a pair for 3a.

I’m a noob… so it plays fine for what i do. Only complaint i got is… the thing resonates bearing noise. It doesn’t matter what bearing is in it. It’s got some vibe though. I’m actually curious to try another one to see if it plays the same as the one I have.

Oh, You no Noob, YOU DA BOSS.

stupid question but from the look can it grind?

At 12.99 it’s not going to be able to grind without dye. If this die is rough it will grind less, if its like a powder coat or something (which is what it looks like :)) it would grind better or equal to stock.

Unfortunately dye does not affect the surface to make it grind unless you use way too much acetone in the mix in the first place, in which case the dye/acetone mix is destroying the surface.

By sanding it first it gave it a bumpy texture after I dyed it.

Yes it does grind … that was the whole point of the experiment ;D