dyed plastic grind machine

hey guys. so 2 days ago i dyed my pgm. it was supposed to be black with green spots (it used to be the green and black one version 2). The glue mask fell off in pieces so i just peeled it all off. then i just decided to make it black. well i guess my aceton/water/rit dye ratio was off so it turned out this awesome army green. here are the pics. if anyone has any questions just post and i will get to them.

Cool. The reason it didn’t turn black like you had wanted was because it was green to start with. You might have been able to bleach it or something to get it white and then turned it black.

ok thanks. i really like the color on it.

Subtractive color mixing states otherwise. When adding pigments such as when dying a yo-yo, no matter what color it already is you can always achieve a darker color (obviously black is the darkest color) but you can never achieve a lighter color. As such, it is perfectly possible for his yo-yo to go from green to black.