Adegle PSG and Asteroid Bolt and Nut

Hey everyone my PSG and Asteroids bolt and nut got stripped and am currently searching for where I can buy a new one. I tried to google a solution to no avail and was wondering if anyone here has any suggestions as to where I can find the stuff?


I haven’t had the need to dissect my Asteroid or PSG so I cannot say what to do based on my lack of knowledge of how they are constructed.

I will say that if some of my Duncan throws have issues(plastics), I can go to the hardware store and buy the proper bolts and a suitable nut to get the job done. I however do like the locking nut that Duncan uses and wish those were more commonly available.

Do the Adegle’s use a bolt and threaded nut, or is a set screw or what? I’m only asking for photos and more information because I’d like to help, but I’m just lacking knowledge. I tend to not take my yoyos apart unless I have a real need to. I may take one apart today anyways since I was planning to use my PSG most of the day and I’m sure I’ll get a knot at some point and need to take it apart.

Go to Lowes or Home Depot or any other hardware store and ask for an M5 8.8 fully thread bolt (I think 25mm) or if the axle isn’t stripped, ask for a M5 8.8 nylon bolt.

You can buy locking nuts at the hardware store. They’re in the specialty nut and bolt bins.

I don’t like the ones they offer. I like the ones with the nylon insert or whatever. The ones at the hardware store are this odd thing they do to the top. I don’t like it as much.

Then again, all I have are Lowes and Home Depot around me, and the selection at Orchard isn’t that great. If there was an ACE or TruValue nearby, I’d rather go there anyways.

Ace hardware sells the ones w/the nylon insert.

Home Depot and Lowes are a poor excuse for a hardware store. :wink:

Thanks everyone! I’ll go to my local hardware store asap and get the stuff! Thanks heaps!