Adding production date to a yoyo's shop page

This is a really small comment, and one which may have been posted before, but it would be really nice to have the addition of the production date on a yoyo’s shop page. Ideally it’d be good to have the date of first production. I only say this because it’s nice to have an idea of a companies chronology, and whether one is looking at a throw that has been out of/in production for years, or just a few months.

I apologize in advance if this has been discussed previously but searching for ‘date’, or something akin to that, in a particular forum is a difficult task.


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I also think this would be a welcome addition to the product page as new throws are released. I word it that way because I could imagine going back and adding it to existing products may be cumbersome and/or close to impossible in some cases.

Great idea!


I don’t think production date is right, because there can be different production runs.

An official release date would be ideal. We all know people get stuff early, especially sponsored players. It’s “when do us, the masses, first get our shot at it?”. That’s the date we should get.

Should we also get “final production date” for models being declared “discontinued”? That would be handy too. What would be extra cool is if companies kept track of how many made, but then we’re just getting silly about things.

You’re quite right of course, it should probably be public release date. I completely agree too with the final release date. I’m sure the ‘how many made part’ would be awkward for everyone involved, but the other too would just be nice addenda to the shop pages and could go along with the other stats.

As someone who plays and collects, having that information would be neat. It would be more important for some than others.

We also have to look at “special runs”. The DM2 has had many special editions, so would we track those separately? It might make sense to do that too.

In my database, I track when I purchased it, as well as when it arrives, mostly so I can track shipping times. Adding “production run start” and then adding stop dates when discovered wouldn’t be a big deal but I’m not sure I’d want to necessarily go through the effort to compile the data for my personal database. For the database I’m working on that’s supposed to track all models, this would be some important information.

Actually, this sounds like a project that would be ideal for YoYoWiki to track, including taking my database that tracks all models and specs.