Release Dates and Materials in Stats


I would love to see the release date(s) in the stats box. “Dates” if there have been changes in newer releases. I was out of the buying market for several years, and it would be nice to know where a yoyo stands in the timeline of yoyo development, technology, and trends. I think this would be very helpful information for newcomers to yoing as well. You certainly can’t tell from the descriptions, as they are frozen in time!

Also, it used to be you could pretty much assume metal yoyos were 6061 aluminum, but that’s less and less the case. It would be nice to have the material (for plastics and woods as well) listed in the stats for quick reference.

Thanks, for an amazing site!


Thanks for the recommendations, we’re currently remodeling the whole site and will take these into consideration. I think the date/material would be nice to see as well.