Addicted to acquisition

(Waylon) #1

So, I’ve sold some yoyos to fund an art project while also saving some money I would normally have used to buy new yoyos. I’ve got some cash in my Paypal and on my desk and it is burning a hole in my pocket. I don’t need anything skill toy related right now, but boy do I want it. I think I may be addicted to having inbound packages in the mail.


We need help! I’m exactly the same way! After my last package came in, I was like, “I’m good for now. Got all the yoyos I need.”

Mere days later… 3 packages (2 small, 1 larger) on their ways…


I agree that it is very fun to have a yoyo in the mail, almost more fun than receiving one!


Oh i thought i was alone :confused:


Three things I love about getting yoyos in the mail:

  1. Tearing open boxes is fun
  2. Bubble wrap is possibly the greatest thing ever
  3. Having new yoyos isn’t too bad either


(M.DeV1) #6

Welcome to Package receivers anonymous.

(Waylon) #7

I’ve done this several times. It’s kind if ridiculous. I’m even trying to justify a purchase right now by telling myself it’s okay because I just sold some lol. What I really want is a sticky kendama. I don’t need it all. I have two perfectly good kendamas and no chance of hitting a lunar any time soon. I just want it like a kid who sees something on television and has to have it.

(G2 Jake) #8

I’m the same way, luckily I have packages going in and out regularly


I’m glad there are people like you guys to keep the yo-yo companies in business! Even at my slower rate, I’m scared to imagine my collection in another 5 years.

(Owen) #10

Ah snap, we gotta a (insert name of the guys with big ears from Star Trek’s name here [forgot how to spell it]) here.

Don’t forget to follow the rules of acquisition!


I’m sort of like this. Fortunately, I usually can’t afford every single yoyo I want nowadays. If I could, I’d probably buy every yoyo on yoyoexpert.


Im in the same boat hence why i do so much trading