Added thin lube to a new bearing...

I recently got a new bearing and added thin lube. Now it is much much slower. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO!

Lube slows bearings down. You used to much. Clean the bearing or just play it. If you’re the impatient type, clean it.

PLaying with it will neutralize the effect?

It will wear off eventually. Usually takes me a week.

Over time the bearing wii become more unresponsive. The amount of time it will take depends on how much you play and how much lube you applied. Personally, I’d try playing it.

A new bearing will generally be slightly responsive and should be played with a bit to get it unresponsive, wouldve been the more ideal choice to just wear it in then add the lube. The lube does slow it down a bit and sound like you put too much… Remember, just put a drop or 2… But its too late now, you have 2 options… you could play ith it for a few days to wear out the lube or you could clean the bearing…

pun intented?

1: Don’t add lube unless you need to.

2: Play it to break down the lube, or clean it to remove the lube.

3: use LESS lube than you think you do. One drop a month may even be too much. If your bearing is not shielded, 1 drop will “drown” your bearing.

We learn by making mistakes and then trying to figure out how to undo what was done. Thanks for taking the time to ask for help after making a silly mistake like this. Hopefully people will take your plea seriously and provide you with useful information.