I just got a limited edition dark magic in the mail from ratfacedoodguy used, and I lubed it, it’s acting responsiveish. How long should it take for it to break down the lube so it will stop that?


About a week or so. Be patient. :slight_smile:


depends on what lube and how much you put in it.


yyj thick then thin of yyj lube and I put in like half a drop of thick and a drop of thin


You overlubed it. Its not a big deal, just keep playing it slightly responsive. It smooths out your style even if its only a bit responsive.


So the bearing is bad now?


Not at all. It’ll break in eventually, should take about a week or two depending on how much you play.


if you badly want it unresponsive you could just clean the bearing but i would suggest you just keep playing it for a few days


How do you clean it?


lighter fluid. just look it up on youtube its easy. you have to take off the sheilds first. then relube it but leave out the thick lube, just a tiny bit of thin lube will do it.