Added most of my collection! In need of cash so I threw together these awesome deals! My loss is your gain. BIG MARKDOWN !just added a large led black light and tablet as gifts on the next sale. Adding more throws in my collection check the comments!

Best prices will be today cuz I need to raise funds quick by tomorrow! So I’ve put together a few more super awesome bundles for dirt cheap. If you’ve gotten a bundle from me then you know what’s up and if you haven’t just check out my feedback!

All yo-yos are MINT WITH BOX!!
Basically brand new every one!
Fty-138 retail $75
Soldout colorway

YYF champions edition 07 888
Retails around $60

Insane Bundle price today $75 shipped for BOTH!

Next we have a premium edition black YYF G5 with brand new custom white z stacks that I added on. I paid $90 for it MINT comes with premium box.

YYF KUI light up Yoyo with the famous yyf H shape. MINT WITH BOX AND BLACKLIGHT!! Did I mention that’s a fingerspin dimple in the center of the caps!! Retails around $60

Insane bundle price today $75 shipped!!!

Or take all four of them for the even cheaper total price of $125 shipped!!! Today!

Check out my feeedback here

Also this is my plastic/hybrids shelf if u see something that interests u slide in my dms


Whats the deal with that free solo?

Sorry my man. That one’s not for sale. Maybe I should’ve cropped the pic lol

Bump. Pick any two yo-yos for $60 shipped! $15 markdown !!

See something u want?? Hit my dms


Bump hmu I’ll do some insane deals

Is that cvility available? Tempting…
(I don’t have a bimetal yet and was thinking about it)

Next person to buy a Yoyo from me gets to pick either the tablet or the black light thrown in for free. If someone buys a bundle of 2 or more they get both!