so yeah I just got them today and it was terrific
so since I got them I decided to make a video since I was bored
using my webcam

and yeah don’t try to correct me on the video miss typed
I know it says tread even though it was suppose to be threadz
I haven’t gotten much sleep lately
:Dso comment
idk really care if it is a bad comment or good

you can win prizes

I really didn’t like the ones I got…

did you get the first run or second

Great video Dack. My only complaint is the audio quality. It sounds 32 bit, or peaking through the whole recording. shrug Probably just my inner audiophile kicking in.

Samad, you got the first blend which was disgustingly thick, and 100% cotton. These are 50-50 and poly and regular thickness. Much better.

hehe I liked the poly cause it is soft

are u sponsored yet?


Polyester is better for string tricks

thats your opinion some people like polyester some like 50-50 and others like cotton

Ok then, can I ask you what is 50/50 better for? Its completely your opinion. ATM I like 50/50 and Polyester.

did you record the music with the vid because it sounds really bad

Sounds good to me.

u r pretty good wish i was that good keep yoyoing