i clean my bearing with it can i leave it dry because i dont have lube

Yeah, you can leave it dry. Be aware though, it is most likely going to die quicker if you leave it dry, so you may want to purchase some Thin Lube, or some One-Drop lube.

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Dry works fine. Do that. If its too noisy put lube in… but so little that its barely unnoticeable.

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when will it die

Dunno… never had one die on me. Heard someone say 1 year… but not that accurate.

Use some lube. Sewing Oil, trumpet valve… it’s pretty cheap.

will key oil work it is a flute oil thing its my sisters but i bought it off her

if it’s watery and a little slippery then yes, but watery is key.

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wait… there’s onedrop lube??? :o

i think he ment one drop of lube

but he said OR one-drop lube

there is in fact onedrop lube…v4m i believe


also its heroc flute key oil

Yeah, they sell their own type of lube, or something.

It’s just like repackaged lube. Nice way to make money.

Yes, a number of people have used musical instrument oil with good results. You can also use sewing machine oil, fishing reel lube and gun lube. You can go to your local hardware store and get a small tube of Synco Super Lube as well. It’s a clear, teflon based synthetic lube.

i beg to differ

[quote=“da5id”][quote=“cowmamba”]What type of formula is it? If you don’t mind me asking. I haven’t heard of this until just now. Is it a synthetic silicone lubricant? Is it like 3 in one? Or something totally new?
It is a low viscosity synthetic lubricant. Our resident mad scientist, Dirty Birdy, did all the secret research and development of the product. We have him to thank for this superior bearing lube.

I’ll bet you money it’s relabeled lube. I’ll ask DB.

I’d have to agree on that. The time, effort and EXPENSE of bringing a chemical product to market is way beyond what most any company not directly in the chemical business is willing to spend. Not to belittle onedrop, but my guess is that their resources are somewhat more limited than say, yomega, who repackages a commonly available synthetic lubricant as brain lube, rather than expend company resources on developing and marketing a niche/limited market lube.

I had an AIGR die when I kept it dry. Keeping it well lubed is key man. It is very much worth the 8 bucks to buy thin lube or next time you buy a yoyo order some with it.