Acetone and mineral spirits guide on handling and disposal

Alright I figure since we the yoyoers use acetone and /or mineral spirits to clean our Yoyo bearings some of us need to know of how to dispose of this stuff properly. this is because these chemicals are nasty solvents that simply shouldn’t end up in the in people’s sinks or water wells simply because they dont belong there. Due to these solvents being really flammable and dangerous they dont belong in plumbing or the ground. So this topic is to tell you how to dispose of these solvents properly and how to handle them in a mature way. The reason is because I know some of us are amateurs when doing so or don’t realize how dangerous mineral spirits and acetone really are.

How to dispose of the solvents

1.Let it evaporate acetone and mineral spirits evaporate in the sunlight easily surprisingly so when your done put that jar in the sun and let it do its thing. the sun will act as a catalyst which then will evaporate (its a good idea for you to do this outside)

But it’s winter I don’t get much sunlight what else can I do?

  1. Go to your local hazmat disposal area and drop it off when there open. Then let the professionals do it for you. You may have to pay a fee but it will be worth while knowing that you wont be finding that in your water or where ever you throw that stuff away. I recommend this highly if you live just outside a city or urban environment

  2. Burn it
    this is not recommended due to it could put hazardous gases into the air so this isn’t recommended but it is a way to dispose of it so it out of a child or younger siblings reach.


one thing some of us do not realize is that proper clothing should also be used When handling acetone and mineral spirits. Wearing t-shirts and shorts isn’t a good idea when your handling solvents. Its always a good idea to use these materials when your handling them that would be

Eye protection
Rubber gloves
A glass jar of some kind for cleaning Yoyo bearings (I find baby food jars are awesome for this)

Reasons for these items

  1. You do not want this in your eyes and become forever blinded because a tiny bit of acetone got in your eye.

  2. You don’t want this on your skin it can cause irritation. that isn’t pleasant and you dont need a reaction to it.

  3. Solvents can eat plastic so it’s a good idea to use glass jars in this case so you dont have acetone or mineral spirits leaking.

Anyways I just wanted to post this because I realize some people can be naive about these things. Because I know some parents or teenagers don’t really know about these materials and think there not as bad as they really are, that simply isn’t true! not to mention some people don’t have an intelligent father like I do to give me this information to protect myself from them. So I felt something needed to be said about them because when people post saying " Oh just desheild the bearing and give it in a bath in acetone or mineral spirits!" it’s makes it seem minor or completely safe. when the people on the forums are talking about the solvents which simply isn’t true because the chemicals aren’t mundane as we on the forums are making it out to be.

Great guide, but you might want to fix the grammar, just so it’s a bit easier to understand. :slight_smile:


acetone is a solvent that evaporates easily so If you leave it in the sun for a few hours it will evaporate. Just make sure it’s outside or a vert well ventilated area.

How about just dumping it down the sink…

The sun does not act as a catalyst during evaporation.

Evaporation is not dependent on sunlight.

Acetone is a simple hydrocarbon that forms water and carbon dioxide when burnt.

While taking precautionary measures and wearing suitable protective clothing is a good idea, worrying about wearing shorts while handling small quantities of acetone is overkill. Acetone is only slightly toxic and generally recognized as safe by the FDA.

You won’t. Acetone is naturally found in the human body and is not particularly toxic (as discussed above). I would not recommend pouring acetone in your eyes, but it is not known to cause blindness. If you do get a little in your eyes you should 1) feel great shame in knowing that you can’t handle a liquid without getting it all over your face 2) flush your eyes out with water and 3) call it a day.

The primary irritation of the skin caused by acetone is dry skin. Don’t bathe in it and you will be fine.

Dumping solvents down the drain will cause the pipes to get brittle, or melt if they don’t clear the pipe.
It is also not legal in many places, and always irresponsible to do so in waste collection systems. i.e. if you live in any town and don’t have your own septic tank.
Most of the time if it is a small amount letting it dry is best. Cleaning it up with something that can absorb it and throwing it away is also common and accepted.
Like paper towels.
How ever the proper and I believe only legal way in most states is to put it in a plastic, or metal container that seals and doesn’t leak, then labeling what it is and dropping it off at the hazardous waste collection site in your area. A lot of smaller areas don’t have one of these and will normally have an event for hazardous waste collection once or twice a year.

If you cant use and dispose of it correctly than don’t use it!

Yes that’s true. If you can’t use ordinary paint thinners please seek mommy’s supervision…

Welp. I just dumped mine in the sandbox…

might not want to play in that for a few days…

I live in AZ so our lawn is rocks. I’ve been dumping it in there: in a certain area. Honestly I see no harm in it. But is there any?
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I believe that would depend on the weather like if it’s hot there on a particular day so it would partially evaporate. But there’s a fair chance that a little might be in your water.

Ummm, it will evaporate on your kitchen counter at room temps.