He's at it again!


Many of you know me from Soda Cleansed Bearings thread and I’m here to say I’m at it again. I love experimenting with stuff. This time around I’ll be using new solvents to clean bearings extremely soon. This means I may be permanently off mineral spirits and acetone! And when Jekyll&Hyde: Spins starts up our first protos and future yoyos will be armed with my super bearings :wink: I’ll be updating this thread weekly with news on my experiments including failures! Thanks for reading and remember to take precautions when cleaning your bearings!


sounds cool!


I also would like to mention not to try to clean with what I’ll be using as some of this stuff will be hazardous (more so than mineral spirits and actone) and even I will be needing supervision. Just for safety precautions. First project Monday!


So week 1! I planted tickle-me plants and made tea bags float instead of actually cleaning bearings. I have an interesting life…I’ll be trying a new theory tomorrow where I add the lube to the acetone before cleaning a bearing. I’ll see how that works out ;D

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Change your sig? haha!


Acetone is the solvent and whatever oil you add will be the solute. Any of this solution left on the bearing will contain an amount of oil proportional to what you initially added to the acetone. WD-40 works in the same way. In it, mineral oil is dissolved in a solution of mineral spirits. When this is sprayed onto a part, the mineral spirits evaporate and leave the lubricating mineral oil behind.


Try using real soda.

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I’ve been using a 2 part solution almost since I started cleaning bearings. I just add a few drops of lube, and then it’s a 1 step process.


Hmm. I was planning on adding less lube than usual. Are you saying that it will add an even coat on the bearing or just sit at the bottom of the solution?


Keep in mind that whatever oil you dissolve into your acetone solution is now a part of a much larger whole. Think of it this way: if you dissolve one milliliter of oil into four milliliters of acetone, you now have a five milliliter solution that is one fifth oil. Now, if you dip a bearing into this solution and pull it out, then whatever liquid is left clinging to it is still just one fifth oil. Again, the acetone evaporates and leaves that oil behind. That’s why you must think proportionally with regards to this.

No, that’s not how solutions work.


Sorry I had mixtures and solutions confused! And I will plan proportionally just something for fun anyway. And I had to skip this week I’ve gotten nailed with tons of work and haven’t had a lot of time on my hands sorry for anyone looking forward to this! :confused: