Bearing Cleaning with acetone

ello again all!

Another quick question. Im going to clean my bearings later today with acetone, but i was wondering, does all of the acetone evaporate? I was worried about the acetone possible messing up finish on my yoyos if it didnt all evaporate and then some came out while spinning. Thanks! Sorry if it seemed like a stupid question, i just havent had a need to clean them yet :open_mouth:


If you have a metal yoyo that’s NOT painted(anodizing is NOT painted), don’t worry about it.

If it’s a plastic, you want to ensure all the acetone is evaporated.

Acetone evaporates very quickly compared to mineral spirits. Blowing and spinning will get that bearing bone dry within a minute or two. Feel free to blow and spin longer if so desired. If you are worried, leave it out for 10 minutes and it should be fine.

I clean bearings regularly. I have yet to have an issue with acetone not evaporating from the bearing.


Use 99% Isopropyl alcohol, it is just as effective as acetone BUT much, much safer.
And you have the added bonus that it will not harm any yoyo finish or material yoyo might be made of.

Acetone is a crappy bearing cleaner, I have said it before and I will say it again and again until people quit recommending it as a bearing cleaner.
FACT the acetones you buy, from local hardware stores, paint shops, have perfumes and other crap in them, unless you buy top quality, and the average consumer does not have access to top quality acetone, you get the crap they cant sell as the top quality acetone.
Trust me I know a lot about thinners/solvents, Ive worked as a industrial automotive painter and used acetone, and other thinners/solvents every day for years, Acetone is really, really nasty stuff, whereas ISO alcohol is basically benign, should you happen to get it splashed in your eyes you simply rinse it out(not that it happens, Im just making a point), you can touch it without worrying about it leaching through your skin like acetone, IsoAlchohol is just all around safer and better solvent than acetone.
Recommending teens use acetone is pretty shortsighted IMHO, especially when there are better, less lethal solvents that work every bit as well as acetone, which, Ill repeat this… unless you get top quality acetone, which you cannot buy, it has perfume, additives, oils, and various other garbage chemicals, this gets deposited on your bearings, and while it is generally not enough of a problem to really affect the bearing, why use something like that ?
What is the benefit of acetone ?
Acetone is terrible nasty stuff, its terrible for the earth, its terrible for anyone who touches the stuff, there is nothing good to say about acetone other than ‘it is a solvent that can clean a bearing’!

When a much safer solvent, not too mention a much GREENER solvent that isnt essentially poison for everything exists, why use acetone ?
Dont buy acetone, use alcohol, 99% Isopropyl alcohol(Isoproponal).

Acetone is the best for removing all traces of oil.
If you are just going to put more liquid lube on it it does not matter.

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