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What is the proper method of disposing of acetone? The drain?

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I used acetone to strip my dang and I just put it down the drain with the water running.


putting acetone down the drain is risky because some times it can ruin the plumbing so what I would do is leave it somewhere uncovered because acetone evaporates quickly and in a few days it should be gone.


What about mineral spirits?


It’s a good question. I don’t have the right answer.

But for the evaporation idea, just make darned sure it’s a well-ventilated area with good air circulation to flush the fumes through and out. You want to minimize breathing that stuff as much as possible.

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In addition, keep it away from any ignition source.


My acetone is non-flammable.


No questions are stupid. We are all here to help


I just pour mine in the trash lol


For real? Doesn’t it melt right through the plastic trash bag??


Out in the flower bed where the plants have died…


Soak it up with paper towels and you can throw it away in the trash. Most garbage bags are made of LDPE (Low density Polyethylene). LDPE containers will hold acetone without being destroyed. I know of several people who store it in LDPE bottles and I have one in my machine shop right now that I use. It is not the best storage container because it can break down over time but this takes a long time. But we are not talking about storage.

You should be okay to just pour it into a trashbag without any problems. It might be worth testing this out before you end up making a mess. I still would soak it up in paper towels before tossing it because you reduce the chance of a small hole in the bag leading to a mess.

Avoid dumping it down the drain, even if people tell you it is okay. Plumbing issues are way to costly to even risk.

Acetone will dissolve other plastics and it can happen in a matter of seconds. For example it will eat through the bottom of plastic disposable cups.

You can also use Acetone to ‘glue’ ABS together. I have used this to join legos permanently. I put glue in quotes because it is more like fusing them then gluing them.


I diluted it then stuck it in my sandbox.


LOL I love it when the OP does something completely different from what everyone was suggesting.


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