How do you dispose of MS Paint Thinner?

How do you dispose of Mineral Spirits? Is it dangerous to dump down the drain?

I burn it

i wouldnt recommend it, i do but its only small amounts in the garage sink. when we are finished using any solvents or finishes in the shop at school we dump them in a big oil drum and when its full they pay someone to pick it up and properly dispose of it. but unless youre dumping whole bottles down the drain you should be okay

Are you serious? It’s seriously hard to tell.

I’m not joking, would that work?

yea it would work REALLY good lol, it can be dangerous but mineral spirits is highly flammable

Yeah, make sure you’re not near anything flammable (concrete works well) and soak it up in a paper towel or put it on a paper plate or something. Then light and watch.


I have a drain that runs behind my house for rain water. I dump it in there or in the grass out back. Just be careful if there are any outside pets around.

I dilute it with water…then I dump it in the middle of the road where it evaporates…lol

Boom. Great idea. Thanks everyone!