How is that Aceofclubsyye guy an administrator? He only made one post which he deleted…;u=28362 ???


what the heck…

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Employee of YoyoExpert.


Yoyoexpert staff.

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Really? Wow, I didnt know.


:D. by the way…,63752.0.html

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why you pointing this out to me for?
This has absolutely nothing to do with this thread, and its obvious that the mods don’t want it brougth up again. So I suggest you think about what you are posting.



He’s just bringing it up because AceOfClubsYYE was the one that moved it, so it does have to do with this thread. And I’m pretty sure the mods were fine with it. It was just in the wrong section, so trying to keep it organized, they put it in unrelated (because posting pictures isn’t about yoyos). Nothing to get mad over. It’s all good.


I was pointing it out because, as StrippedAxle mentioned, Aceofclubsyye moved the post. The post wasn’t even deleted, it was only moved to unrelated discussion…


There must have been some misunderstanding, and perhaps when he clicked the link…it went elsewhere. I’m not sure why he found that post irrelevant. I remember reporting that thread, as it was in the wrong section. I also noticed Aceofclubsyye, and was like “Who is that?” :smiley:


Yeah, you beat me to hitting send.