accidently do a trick?

Have you ever tried to do one trick but you do another or make up another? I once tried to pop the yoyo up to do a thumb grind and I made up this way to get into a trapeze:

and also when i was trying to pop the yoyo up to do a grind I accidently did a finger grind.

Ever had that happen to you?

Well, I was trying to learn Hook a while ago and i accedently ended up in a Brent Sole.

I was doing ninja vanish and i got a crossarm red gt. Never recreated it. Sad. That was weeks ago.

Try thumb grinding it, and then popping it into the thumb mount. It is a variation to thumb grinf by Doctor Popular, Can’t find the video right now.

I was doing Escape Ladder and made up a new trick when I messed up.

you mean this:

It ends in that thumb mount thing lol, what is that move called exactly, I learned it from just seeing it in videos many times

Tried making the yo yo come back up (back when it was borderline responsive) ended up with a plastic whip

Tried doing a basic laceration, ended up with a GT.

Note, all of these accidental tricks are levels above my skill.

I was just doing ninja vanish and i ended up in a crossed arm GT instead of a regular one =P

I tried doing a plastic whip but anded up doing a wrist whip.

I remember teaching him how to do a proper plastic whip :smiley: He got so many knots from the wrist whip ;D

Today I was like “ok, I can do the GT whip…” and I accidenlt tried to do ninja vanish instead and BOOM, i landed it! I’m still trying to do it again.