AC string

Does anyone know what string the arctic circle ships with? I like it and want to buy more.

Is it like what comes with the Puffin? That stuff is way too short.

It ships with yoyo string. The type of string is : yoyo.

But more specifically, I believe it is just standard poly. Like YYF.

Okay. So more like kitty string?
I like this a lot better than yyf and yye string.

Pretty sure it’s just Mexican poly. I’d email Chris.

The string that came in my chief is the exact same color of my kitty string, but I think it’s just a generic dye.

The string that came with my Puffin was just some generic stuff. It is possible it was like nylon kitty string or something

Type 6 poly: made in Mexico. I had asked Chris that same question before

Did he tell you who makes it?

Mexican’s make it if it’s made in Mexico ::slight_smile:


No. I will not let this thread be derailed.

I don’t know what type of string you used, but if it’s made in Mexico and it seems better than YYF and YYE string you might consider finding a pack of Snake Bite string to compare it.

I think that it is kitty string…but I may be wrong.

Closest string to the ones CLYWs ship with were YYN Highlights. Now the closest string I can think of is Kitty String Thick.

Okay. Which one would you say matches better, regular or thick? I usually don’t like thick string as much, but I don’t know.

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Regular is too thin for my liking.

I always thought CLYWs shipped with kitty string. From the looks of this thread I was wrong, but they sure do feel like kitty string to me.

I would say normal kitty is closer to what new clyw throws ship with. I know where you can get type 6 made in Mexico string. I don’t think I’m allowed to name the store tho :slight_smile:

I wish YYE had a bigger selection of pure poly strings. It’s okay tho kitty is all I need :slight_smile: if you guys want I could take a picture with the strings the clyw come with next to a yellow kitty string normal width

You need a pic to compare the 2?

Hmm, that’d be nice. I’m probably getting the regular kitty anyways, though. That would be cool if you could.