Absolutely Amazing.


Nothing sad or bad about it.

I just think it is Amazing how people can put such different Values on something. I mean, a few years ago; a painted Peak would go for 3 or 4 hundred. But this is a used, ano’d Peak. And one guy made one bid for $350.00.

But, if the Seller is happy and the buyer is happy; it’s only money.

I only posted to give a slight view/update on what at least 1 person thinks a used Peak is worth ‘Today’ <> July 5th, 2014.



It’s funny because that is one of the least desirable colorways. It’s one of my favorites though.


Not only used, but swapped halves as well? I thought the Sebby edition was two-toned.
$300 is a lot to spend on the crap version of something.


The guy posted it on here earlier


Peaks actually seem to sit on the B/S/T for a while these days, definitely not like it was a year or two ago imo.


If it was only one bid it may have been that the seller put in the winning bid with an alt account or something so that next time he puts it up on eBay somebody will see that it sold for $350 and will want to buy it more.


That’s what I thought, the starting bid was $200 and the buy it now was the $350 it sold for.