AArrow advertisisng.


after i started to learn how to yoyo, i got really intrested in all sort of trick activities.
i was working at little caesars where they make the employees do shifts of sign holding, while i was out on the corner yoyoing and holding a sign i got the urge to so some tricks with the board.
i made up so many tricks and in my town thats what im known for.
heres one of my videos from when i started,

i got noticed and signed onto a international sign spinning company called aarrow advertising.
ive been training for a few months, and now i make 13 bucks an hour spinning signs. and it all started with a yoyo and a cardboard sign.

(Jei Cheetah) #2

this is one of the craziest things I have ever seen.
OMG, congrats!


saw a guy doing that stuff a few months ago, I wonder who started up the craze. You know it was some poor out of work fire staff spinner.


wow,for 13 dollars a hour all you have to do is spin a sign, impressive. ;D


That is awseme :o


i actually got to stay at the owners house in cali when i was getting my sales training. and he didnt used to fire staff. he got the idea from sign holders, and he, and a few of his friends made a bunch of tricks. and his mom helped design signs and stuff.


That’s pretty cool, it’s kind of like spinning a lighter, bigger baton

(WildCat23) #8

We have a guy who does that at an intersection near our house!

(JonasK) #9

This is awesome!

Must be hard to read those signs when they keep moving though.


Yeah, I just remember about 10 years ago seeing someone doing it, and all they did was fire staff tricks. Always figured it must have came out of that scene.