chickens are nice…

Whoa, CW caught me off guard

Pretty awesome.

Aah, your 5a is pretty awesome.

wow that was good ive never seen your 5a before

I liked some of your other yoyo video’s better… but still a nice adittion.

Really nice. You’re improving a lot. I just don’t feel that it’s a complete video. And what’s with the chickens?

Chickens FTW. Nice 5A. :slight_smile: Also, I LOL’d at the Samad Patel aah foundation. ;D

cool 5a and 1a smooth and nice job.

Throws sushi at Samad*
Stole my song dude.
Then again, can’t complain, I stole it from Miggy and Jesse’s “array”
Nice stuff!


I thought this video would be some kind of yoyoing accident…pretty good though.


man i love it!!! your vids get better and better!!

raw mini star or magnum, because if you are doing 5a with a magnum, you sir, are crazy…

Awesome!! ;D