A yoyo for my brother


I’m thinking of getting a yoyo for my brothers birthday, he is 17 years old, pretty authistic and fell in love with yoyos recently. I wan’t to get him the best possible for about 25-35$, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I don’t know anything about yoyos, thanks in advance.


For that price, get him a Yoyojam Classic. It comes in lots of cool colors, if he has a favorite. You’ll still have enough money left to get a spare bearing and some string. That should last him awhile.


For me the YoYoFactory Plastic Grind Machine is always a good choice, it’s built like a tank and even people who can’t throw can have fun holding the hubstacks and ripcord starting.


Great idea. And, according to @YoyoFactory Instagram, they will be dropping these new grind machine colors.


Can he bind return? If so then I agree with the guys above, the grind machine looks sweet and fun (now I might pick one up myself). If not get him a good old yomega brain.


Thanks for your input guys, decited to go with a blue yyf grind machine. I’m sure he will enjoy it.

And if a mod could delete this post or however it works, would be really great.

Thanks for the help.


I like this thread, they should keep it, and maybe move it over to looking for help/recommendation section. Someone else might be looking for similar advice. :wink:


Nah, someone else might find it useful.


Unless it’s recently been changed I thought the Grind Machine came unresponsive which requires bind return. Anyone able to respond if the new ones have the same setup?


Or lube the bearing. A simple task.