A yoyo for a 9 year old


Hey guys,

My sister’s birthday is in 11 days. I told her i’d get her a new throw and a 5 pack of snacktime string. She’s not the avid yoyoer I am. So I need something responsive. I also need it to be small enough for her tiny hands. I would perfer a ball bearing. Can a Lyn be responsive?


Any yoyo can be responsive. :slight_smile:

(Thomas) #3



tnx man, she loves it  8)


hey im around that age and am aGreat yoyoer and I have an mvp


But she’s probably smaller, and less experienced then us.


you can get her a fast 201 or something like that

i am nine and i am beast at yoyoing


your a beast???
ive been called a freakin BEAST!!!


Lol…topic finished in June…